i stood helpless to the threat
of a heavy lid i’ll never lift

and when the gavel hit the desk
metal shut around me, marshalls at my wrist

led me down the longest hall
down the darkest throat of the hardest animal

where i just listen to the wind
wailing like the wounded over the lincoln highway bridge

down in the valley or in the street
don’t let the ad men fool you – you got everything you need!

out in your sheets beside your love
recognize the instant – memorize the pose

despite all the hatred i held for you
despite all the violence i could do
just beyond, there is love

and when i’m alone with only my thoughts
and as you might know, i’m alone a lot
it’s the love i’m thinking of

out in that city like a dream
see the breezes go around you – see the long grasses yield

be out there exiting the bars
at the finest hour of morning, nearly lost, but not

be warm and steady in the wind
and your soft, imperfect body – do not cover it

Appears on Second Sight, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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