it will come around
but everything is now
i know everything is right now

and the loneliness is a lot
the nothing weighs a ton
i mean the nothing weighs a fucking ton

that half of the bed
empty like a page
all the cursive claims you’ve yet to make

all the promising lines
bending like her spine
oh the whiteness that your pen could write

if you get these bandages off
you can stand, you can walk
leave these towels and gauze
you’ll get up, you’ll get out
into the sun

that’s where we belong
we’ve been abed too long
all our weaknesses are growing strong

but the winter always ends
with water on your lips
the april rain comes swinging in

get these bandages off
let me stand, let me walk
leave these towels and gauze
let me up, let me out
into the sun

cause come she will
oh come she will

she comes oh
she comes son
she comes…

Appears on Seeds, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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