Gold Teeth

all this hunger and such uncomfortable thirst
son be suffering – it’s the song of your birth

sonny singing now – gets me thinking how
everybody’s dream is just everybody leaving
and while the mama’s setting guilt trips
see all the young hearts leaping, singing

i don’t want to go back to that

but all this hunger is always following us
out where we survive under poisonous skies
we’re dreaming, but nobody’s sleeping
just coked hearts speeding, see all their gold teeth gleaming
see the young healthy free men just move into nothing

put my body on a wagon
and carry me off to the ocean
let me float on into the eastern sun
out where tomorrow has just begun

where i used to be wild, back in my time
but now i just fight to sleep at night
so render me up unto the elements
lay me in a light that i can trust
lay me in the light that i came from

i want to go back to that

Appears on Second Sight, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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