Kid Gloves

when you come to
you’re kinda floating
the air is full
it’s like it’s holding you
isn’t it typical?
nobody’s noticing
all that they’re moving in
all that they’re breathing
isn’t it beautiful?
here in the thick of it?
to know that when you fall
you’re just afraid to swim?

here it is…

see the arches of paint
see the ocean of dust
see the colours arranged
and hover over us
like when we were little kids
lifted into our beds
didn’t we see it then?
before we turned our heads?

here it is
its invisible
there are no words for it
oh i know you feel it though
you feel it lifting up, you feel the weights come off
and every cell of blood, they suddenly move as one
we were denied so much, all their religion
all for a science that i never understood
they took away my trust, maybe i gave it up
just an adolescent shrug, posture as i drop the gloves
yeah but that was years ago, i missed so many miracles
livin with my eyelids shut, but now i swear that they’re opened up
now i swear that they’re opened up!

Appears on Second Sight, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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