ye lowlives
laughing too much
never close your eyes
til the suns coming up
underslept, overdreamt

my whole life
trying to speak
but silent
with so much beneath it
that thick wind under the surface
you don’t know me or my purpose
or my promise, i got promise

your hands & feet
for all of their grief
turned out to be
only your elbows and knees
you go farther, you’re just starting to see

and you see that red pen
hover in judgement
and that census
man get those numbers away from us
cause honest, we got nothing
in our pockets but thin wrists
and promise, we got promise

i’m waking up
pull me from my sheets in the dark
as if in a dream, lifting off
let me feel it shift in my blood
let me me feel like i’m rising up
out of all the ashes & dust
out of all the past- that’s done
i don’t need what’s long dead & gone, man

i got promise, i got promise…

Appears on Second Sight, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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