The First Snow

the summer’s gone
you spend half your night off
on the phone
pacing around
yer gonna wear a rut
trying to make her understand
what you do not

then you hang up
and it’s so quiet
and you look out
into the cold night
you’re getting older
but you still never learn
it’s like you’re frozen
in a frozen world

and then you feel it
the stillness moves
it’s like a tiny voice
in a silent room

the first snow
the first snow,
it’s so slow
the first snow,

then you know it
a thing you’ve never known
that you won’t outgrow it
but you’ll move along
and into your bed
to lie alone
but you’ll be fine dreaming
of the first snow

the first snow
the first snow
feel it float
like the first snow

Appears on A Cup Of Kindness Yet, available on CD / LP / Digital in the store.
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