The Simplest Thing

the rain starts off and it wakes you up
you can’t sleep with that racket on the roof
you get up slow but you can’t get going
it seems this morning the lowness has won
did you stop to see? mediocrity and your self pity,
they were stealing a kiss, look at their lips, still shiny
did you notice that happiness
happens less the more often you stop to find where it’s been hiding
you say, “it’s not my fault that i get so low
there’s a weight on my soul that keeps pulling me down
it’s pulling me down, i swear it”

so come on by my house and unleash me your monsters
with you at the healm we’ll go crashing around together
don’t mistake some initial hate for something more that cautionary
cause baby this is love, i’ll come down to hell to keep you company

of all the days we’ve got we should be screaming out…
of all the days we’ve got we should be singing…

what’s to be done? one hundred and one
in a tent for twelve with fingers and elbows
in innocent ribs, we’re minding our business
we’re just minding our business instead of minding our minds
in times when the storms will ravage your clothes,
the sound and the color could render you blind
and the throes of a nightmare can sing you to sleep
then some foreign machine wakes you up at a mean hour
but heaven is there, under your hair,
it hides in the noon noise way up in the air
like a bird on the breeze
waiting for you and maybe me too

what’s there to do? one hundred and two
are out on the doorstep and they’re pushing the bolts back
they’re wanting in, they’re humming our hymn
everybody’s singing like beautiful birds…
in the trees, listen to it, it’s easy, you can do it too
sing: i know what i want
and i know what i need
cause it’s the simplest thing

of all the nights we’ve got we should be stepping out…
of all the nights we’ve touch we should be swinging around from house to house…

if i could cheer you up that would mean so much,
clowns in love, just laughing it off, laughing it off, laughing it off
you say, “it’s not my fault that i get so low
but to drown you too, that’s a sick way to love, it’s a sick way to love,
it’s a fucking sick way to love”

Appears on Plan Your Escape, available on CD / Digital in the store.
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